Our New Blog

Top Down Rambling is the blog site for a mid 60’s couple from Wisconsin, ready to share their thoughts and experiences in retirement with whoever cares to drop in.

The “rambling” part of the name of our blog takes into account the fact that we do enjoy traveling. Our kids were brought up on road trips and camping. Kathy enjoys the outdoors, Dan enjoys exploring cities. While our trips used to be defined by the maximum we could be away from work (ergo more carefully planned and timed), we’re hoping that retirement will allow us a bit more freedom to enjoy some impromptu adventures while we’re traveling. The “top down” part of the name is a reference to favorite mode of transportation when we hit the road – our 2004 Mustang GT convertible.

Besides travel, “rambling” can also refer to wandering in speech or writing. That may happen in this blog as well. There are a number of other things that have piqued our interest pre-retirement, and we’ll likely include our thoughts and experiences on those as well as we settle into a retirement routine.

Whatever comes up, you’re welcome to “come along”, enjoy and comment.