“Hen and Chicks” In The Garden Takes On A Whole New Meaning

Earlier this year, Kat decided to plant “Hen and Chicks” around the firepit on the edge of the garden. They’re a cute little plant and I never gave it much thought.

Then, the other day I took a quick peek out the patio door and I called Kat to let her know that the term “hen and chicks” in reference to her garden had a whole new meaning.

Strutting in the garden was a proud hen turkey with several chicks. The chicks were busy foraging as mama kept an eye out for any threats. As the family moved along through the garden, we counted the chicks (the final count was seven) as they followed their mama.

We went from window to window to watch them as they meandered through our backyard, along our side yard to the front, then across the street as they continued their afternoon jaunt through the subdivision.

The hen and chicks have been back daily for the last few days, generally around nine in the morning and again about three in the afternoon. (It probably helps that I’m keeping corn under the bird feeders). It looks like we’ll be able to watch this young brood grow up as we progress to the fall!